Compare our LOW PRICES with other Santee and San Diego area Dry Cleaning Prices

The most requested information is the price. People want to know how much we charge for different services, how different our prices are from other dry cleaners. For your convenience we decided to provide this information. Remember to not only choose a cleaner based on price, also consider quality and customer service.
We tried to find other cleaners price lists. We tried to call and we had just a little response, in most cases we heard that price depending on variety factors.   
Anyhow here is what we have so far. As you know prices are subject to change. 
We collected this information on  10/25/2015  .
We clean your items Eco-Friendly! eco1Others use the harmful chemical called PERC.
Items Description
Carlton Classic Cleaners
Speedy Cleaners 
Daisy   Style Cleaners
Pants / Slacks $4.65 $2.99 $4.75   $3.00
Military Uniform $7.95 $5.99 $8.95   $6.00
Blouse $4.65 $2.99 $4.75   $3.00
Dress $8.00 $5.99 $8.95   $6.00
2 Pc. Suit $11.50 $8.99 $11.50   $9.00
Wool Coat Waist length $15.00 $8.99 $9.00   $9.00
Sweater $6.00 $3.99 $6.75   $4.00
Tie $4.25 $2.99 $4.00   $?
 Dry Clean King size Comforter  $35.00 $20.00 $28.00   $30.00
Long Sleeve Laundered Shirts $2.50 $0.95* $2.75   2.00

* When combined with 1 or more dry clean items- Men’s Long Sleeve Business only – starch extra

Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice.

Speedy Cleaners maximum liability will be $100 for all shoe repair, household goods, purse repair, luggage repair, and alterations regardless of brand or condition.

Speedy Cleaners liability for dry cleaning and laundry shall not exceed 10 times the price for cleaning that garment regardless of brand or condition.


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